Art Space Lansdowne
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Art Space Lansdowne FAQs

Q: I am not an artist. In fact, Iā€™m not creative at all! Why would I take a class?
A: Everyone is creative! It is hidden in some people but it’s there. If you feel that finding your inner creativity will be a challenge, start with a something simple like photography (don’t you want to take better pictures?), decoupage, or even a beginning-level drawing class. There are also other benefits besides learning a new skill ā€“ meeting other people with similar interests, setting time aside for yourself, stress reduction, and more!

Q: Why should my child take an art class?
A: For the same reason that your child should play a sport or go to the library. Your child is developing interests and should be exposed to as many things as possible and be able to express themselves freely and explore their creative side. Creativity is a great tool for children and often leads to improved success in reading and math. Additionally, every child learns differently. What your child learns in a drawing class can very easily translate into help in geometry or other seemingly unrelated subjects.

Q: Art classes cost money!?!
A: Yes, they do ā€“ but many of our classes cost only $10 to $12 for a two-hour session and run for about four weeks. At only about $6 per hour, why not skip the latte or meal out for a month and in exchange pick up a skill that you can use for a lifetime.

Q: Why Art Space Lansdowne?
A: Glad you asked. Art Space Lansdowne was created to promote art. Simply put, in an era of stressed-out folks, tight financial times, and the digital universe, we think art is important to our society. We are locally owned and operated, and charge a fraction of what other art centers do. We believe our world needs more artists (casual and professional) and that promoting art is a good thing!

Q:I am an artist already, why should I take an art class?
A: Congratulations on being an artist! We believe that artists should continue their education and exposure to art in many different ways. Taking a class in a new form of art or even getting instruction by a new person in your current form of art can be an eye-opening, rejuvenating experience. Taking a class might also convince you that you should teach art, if so, please contact us.